How To Draw Wendigo Drawing

In this article, you will learn how to draw a Wendigo drawing step by step guide. Also watch the video tutorial on how to draw wendigo easy.

How To Draw Wendigo Drawing

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Step 1. Drawing The Head of Wendigo

Drawing Wendigo3

Draw an oval head and a line of the spine, on which we draw a thorax and a pelvis. With the help of simple lines, sketch out the head and eyes.

Sketch two lines on the head they will help us draw the details of the face.

Starting with this step, we will draw the final details. Carefully draw terrible eyes.

Step 2. Drawing The Hair of Wendigo

Drawing Wendigo2

Now let’s deal with the numerous hairs on the head of the wendigo. With the help of long and smooth lines, we draw a long beard and entangled hair. Do not forget to erase all unnecessary lines from the head.

Step 3. Drawing The Legs of Wendigo

Drawing Wendigo1

draw a thorax and a pelvis. With the help of simple lines sketch out the arms and legs.

Draw thin arms and feet. At the end of the step, we draw hands with thin long fingers and large enough feet. Now it’s time to get work with the arms of the wendigo.

Draw out the outlines of thin and wiry arms. At the end of the step, we draw out the hands with very long, sharp and creepy fingers of wendigo.

Draw thin and wiry legs, drawing all the muscles and tendons as in our example.

Draw the details of the feet and remove all the remaining unnecessary strokes from the wendigo drawing.

Step 4. Drawing the wendigo character

Drawing Wendigo

Drawing the long curved lines to the back of the wendigo and on the same line draw the double curved line to the first curved lines which looks like tail.

Draw the same as of the fingers like curved lines. Finally we completed the wendigo, to look colourful add some colours to the wendigo.

how to draw wendigo drawing
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That’s it guys, we have finally completed the drawing of the wendigo. I Hope you liked it and if you have any doubts about the wendigo drawing, let me know in the comment section.

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