How To Draw Fall Leaves Drawing

This article explains how to draw fall leaves drawing step by step. You can watch the video tutorial below to learn how to draw a fall leaf drawing.

How To Draw Fall Leaves Drawing

For step-by-step instructions on how to draw fall leaves drawing. See the article below.

Step: 1 Draw small oak leaf

Fall Leaf Drawing

Let’s begin with step one. Take a piece of white paper and a marker pen. Start by drawing the stem and leaf outline.

Then, add veins as shown. Details help make the leaf look more realistic.

Step: 2 Draw maple leaf

Fall Leaves Drawing

In step one in two, you will draw this type of leaf, but instead of rounding the ends of each lobe, you have to make them pointed.

The largest and broadest lobes should be on the bottom of the leaf. Make sure that you have a flat desk so you can draw the neat diagram without any interruption.

Step: 3 Draw red bud leaf

How To Draw Fall Leaves Drawing

After completion of step one and two. The basic steps are similar to the first leaf. The only thing you need to change is that when starting to create the leaf shape, you’ll curve downward first before continuing your line up to the top.

Basically, you’re creating an upside-down heart shape with a stem running through the center.

Step: 4 Add the colors to leaves

How To Draw Fall Leaves

Let’s begin the final step of this article. After you have completed all the above steps as shown in the above picture.

This is the last step in this article, concentrate on this step. Here you need to add colors as shown in above figure. You can take different colors that suit the leaf.

How to draw fall leaves step by step
How to draw fall leaves step by step
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The following article shows you how to draw fall leaf drawing using the above method. If you are interested in more drawings like this leaves drawing, check out our website. Thank you for reading this.

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