How To Draw a Zombie Drawing Easy [Step By Step]

In this article , you will learn how to draw a Zombie step by step guide. and Watch the video tutorial on how to draw the Zombie.

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Step:1 Drawing The Face:-

drawing face
drawing face

Start with an oblong circle to make the mouth.Over this shape, draw an upside-down heart and fill it in. Sketch two semi-circles with dashed lines on the top. Use loose triangle shapes to connect the face, then draw a curve over the right eye. Add a few short lines for depth.Next, draw uneven rectangles for the upper set of teeth. Use uneven, slightly rounded shapes for the lower teeth. Don’t draw rectangles–instead, draw loose shapes that overlap to give the teeth dimension. Add a line to connect the teeth, then use another heart shape for the tongue.Start the head with a loosely curved shape that points downward. For the ear, use two loops to make a shape like butterfly wings. Next, draw a jagged semi-straight line to create the jaw.Sketch a loose L-shape underneath the mouth and next to the right eye, then add an oblong heart shape inside the mouth. Finally, use sketchy lines for the hair.

Step:2 Drawing The Hands:-

drawing zombie hands
drawing zombie hands

Draw sketchy lines inside the face to give it depth. Sketch a curve underneath the ear, then draw a broad arrow shape underneath the jaw to make the neck. Connect the neck with a broad wavy line that ends in a triangle. Sketch another triangle to the left.Behind the neck, start with a point and slowly curve the line downward until it ends in another triangle. Draw a tube shape on the right, and erase a few lines.Begin the arm with a wide triangle shape, then bring it downward and make two sausage shapes for the first finger. Repeat the sausage shapes for the next two fingers. Make sure the shapes point in slightly different directions to show that the fingers have joints.Next, add a curve for the palm, then draw a straight line pointing downward. Use sketchy triangle lines to make the sleeve.Draw the frayed edge of the shirt at the bottom.Inside the torso,draw a hole using jagged lines.

Step:3 Drawing The Legs:-

drawing zombie
drawing zombie

For the right leg, start with a curved line that’s slightly jagged near the bottom. On the left, use more sausage shapes for the fingers and complete the hand with straight lines.As same as drawing the left leg with a lightly bend leg and finally drawing some colours to your sketch.

Thanks for drawing with me.

Interesting Facts about Zombie:-

Zombies are most commonly found in horror and fantasy genre works.Zombies are usually wholly subordinate, either to an outside force, such as a sorcerer, or to an overwhelming desire, such as the need for human flesh or revenge or simply to do violence.Zombies can walk, think (in some cases), and attack living persons. Most zombies eat the brains of living humans.


That’s it guys , we have finally completed the drawing of a Zombie, hope you liked it and if you have any doubts about the drawing ,let me know in the comment section.Drawing conclusions refers to information that is implied or inferred. This means that the information is never clearly stated. Writers often tell you more than they say directly.

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