How To Draw a Venom Drawing

In this article, you will learn how to draw the venom drawing easy step by step guide.Also Watch the video tutorial on how to draw the  venom easy.

How To Draw a Venom Drawing

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Step 1. Drawing The Head of Venom

how to draw venom face

Begin by sketching Venom’s head. Use curved lines to craft an irregular oval shape.

Step 2 – Drawing the hands of venom

how to draw venom hands

Sketch Venom’s muscular arm. Use curved lines to outline each muscle. Enclose the hand using a “U” shaped line, forming sharply pointed fingers.

Use overlapping curved lines to draw Venom’s shoulder and remaining arm. Enclose the hand using overlapping lines to indicate the fitted fingers. Then, draw a rectangle on the back of Venom’s hand.

Step 3 – Drawing the legs of venom

how to draw venom legs

Use overlapping curved lines to sketch Venom’s chest and one muscular leg. Enclose the foot by using short, curved lines to differentiate the toes. Then, draw a curved triangle at the tip of each toe to indicate the claw-like toenails.

Sketch Venom’s side and remaining leg, completing the outline of the character. Again, use curved lines to differentiate the toes, and draw rounded triangles to form the nails. Add detail to the hand.

Use short lines to outline additional pointed fingers, and enclose a rectangular shape on the back of the hand.

Step 4 – Drawing the outer body of venom

how to draw venom body

Add muscular detail to Venom’s body. Draw short, curved lines across the shoulders, at the base of the legs, at the knees, and on the ankle.

Step 5- Drawing the face of venom

how to draw venom face

Detail Venom’s face. Use wavy, curved lines to enclose two irregular teardrop shapes. Notice the points on each end. These are Venom’s eyes.

Outline the curved triangular shape of his open mouth, and connect it to the side of the face with a curved line. Then, draw two rows of sharp, triangular teeth inside the mouth.

Step 6 – Drawing the tongue of venom

how to draw venom tongue

Draw Venom tongue, erasing guidelines as necessary. Extend two long, “S” shaped lines from the bottom row of teeth. Allow the lines to meet at a sharp point.

Step 7 – Drawing the chest of venom

how to draw venom chest 1

Draw the spider symbol on Venom’s chest. Use curved lines to craft the spider’s body and pointed fangs.

Draw the legs using pairs of straight lines. Detail the spider with curved, horizontal lines across the abdomen.

Step 8 – Coloring the venom drawing

how to draw venom

Colour Venom. He is typically black in colour with grey markings and a bright red tongue.

How to draw venom step by step
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That’s it guys, we have finally completed the drawing of the Venom, hope you liked it and if you have any doubts about the venom drawing, let me know in the comment section.

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