How To Draw A Taco Drawing

Welcome to all. Today we will learn about how to draw a taco drawing easy step by step. If you want to see the tutorial video, its available below.

How To Draw A Taco Drawing

See the article below on how to draw taco drawing step by step and you can also visit our website for more drawing articles. I prefer you to read this article because we have provided step by step explanations on how to draw a taco.

Step: 1 Draw the base of taco drawing

Taco Drawing

Draw the cross line and extend it to the curve shape with the help of pen and paper.

We have chosen a smooth and clear surface desk for drawing. It makes the drawing perfect without any disturbances.

Step: 2 Draw the vegetables of taco

How To Draw A Taco

After completing step one now we have to draw the different types of vegetables and stuff inside the taco, other vegetables are the carrot cabbage.

Some raw vegetables and drawing a line from the upper part it’s like closing the taco. Draw small lines inside the taco to show the exact taco. We can draw any color of vegetables and different things from the taco.

First you should have to observe the picture clearly and start the drawing then you can draw the perfect taco drawing.

Step: 3 Start coloring the taco

How To Draw A Taco Drawing

By following the above steps now sketch different colors to the vegetables and taco.

For this you can use different colors according to the vegetables like orange color to carrot and green color to cabbage, yellow color to capsicum and brown to the taco.

How to draw taco step by step
How to draw taco step by step
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