How To Draw Ninja Drawing Easy

Hello everyone, welcome to drawing articles today i will show you how to draw a ninja drawing step by step. Visit our website for more easy drawings.

How To Draw Ninja Drawing

We have provided step by step clear explanation with article, so you can understand the drawing more easily. So lets get started.

Step: 1 Draw the face of ninja

Ninja face.

Let’s get started the first step of the ninja. first draw the face of the ninja. Draw a cross line and take a curve with that line and next draw the shape of the ninja as shown in the picture.

Draw the diagram with the help of the sketch and paper and while you are drawing you can take a smooth and flat surface of the desk.

Step: 2 Draw the eyes of ninja

Eyes of the ninja.

By following step one, Now draw the eyes of the ninja. Draw a small straight line inside the face of the ninja and draw a curve attached to the straight line. Next draw the mask of the ninja.

Step:3 Draw the body of ninja

Body of the ninja.

After completing the above steps, now draw the body of the ninja. Draw two parallel lines attached and straight to the face and draw one hand of the ninja.

Step: 4 Draw the legs of the ninja

Legs of the ninja.

Now draw the legs of the ninja. Draw the three parallel lines with slightly curves of the three parallel lines. Also draw the shoe of the legs of the ninja.

Step: 5 Draw the knife of the ninja

Draw knife.

Finally draw the knife of the ninja. First draw the other hand of the ninja with holding knife.

Draw two parallel lines and end draw an arc to show sharpness of the knife. visit our website for more information.

How to draw ninja step by step
How to draw ninja step by step
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We have done with the drawing of ninja. I hope you like the article about how to draw ninja drawing. If you like this drawing article visit our website for more information and more drawing tutorials.

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