How To Draw A Lizard Drawing

Hey guys, today i will teach you how to draw a lizard drawing step by step. See the video tutorial below for lizard drawing easy.

How To Draw A Lizard Drawing

See the article below on how to draw lizard easy step by step and you can explore our website for more drawing.

I prefer you to read this article because we have provided you step by step explanation on how to draw lizard.

Step: 1 Draw middle body of the lizard

How To Draw A Lizard Easy

Draw a long, slanted oval for the guide for the lizard’s body. It doesn’t need to be perfect, it’s just a guide and draw a smaller, slanted oval above and the right of the first as the first guide for the head.

Step: 2 Draw the lizard upper body

Lizard Drawing

Inside the head draw two intersecting lines. These are the guidelines that will help you facial features later on.

Step: 3 Draw the angle lines of the lizard

How To Draw A Lizard

Draw the three angle lines and draw two curved lines that connects the body and the head and form neck.

Draw eye on the upper left side of where the two guide lines cross. The eye looks like an inflated football.

Inside draw a circle for the actual eyeball. Inside of that draw another circle and shade it in for the pupil.

Step: 4 Draw the tail of lizard

How To Draw A Lizard Drawing

Draw the front feet using the initial line. Use the same technique as the hind foot go around the line using a bumpy line to give the leg thickness.

At the end of the foot draw the toes splayed out. Use the initial oval shape to draw torso give the tail more girth at the base and make the top part spiky.

Add a cast shadow underneath this helps ground the lizard so iy does not appear to the floating to indicate the rough texture of the skin draw many squiggly lines all over the body.

How to draw lizard step by step
How to draw lizard step by step
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We have done with the drawing of lizard. I hope you like the the lizard drawing. If you like please visit our website, thank you.

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