How To Draw A Cupcake Drawing

Hello, in this article i will explain to you how to draw a cupcake drawing step by step. This method is useful to draw the cupcake. Video tutorial of the cup cake is available below.

How To Draw A Cupcake Drawing

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Step: 1 Draw base of the cupcake

Cupcake Drawing

Draw the wrapper of the cupcake on top of the wrapper, draw the zigzag manner to know the wrapper.

Draw the lines inside the wrapper with the help of pencil and paper. we should place the paper on the proper surface of the desk.

If you don’t have perfect surface desk the picture will be come out shapeless do concentrate on drawing from end to end encryption.

Step: 2 Draw the upper part of the cup

How To Draw A Cupcake

After completing step one. Now draw the cake in curved shapes and draw leaf shapes at the top of the cake like cream.

Cupcake is in the shape curved triangle and draw the shape of the cup cake in triangle. If you observe the clear diagram you can draw the picture exactly in your paper.

Step: 3 Draw the lines of the cupcake

How To Draw A Cupcake Drawing

Following the two steps now draw lines inside the cake briefly we can say first draw the wrapper and the cake of the cupcake.

How to draw cupcake step by step
How to draw cupcake step by step

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In this article , you have learnt how to draw a cupcake drawing using the above methods. You are welcome to comment below if you would like to see more drawings like this, visit our website. Thanks for reading.

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