How To Draw a Bed Drawing  Easy [Step By Step]

In this article , you will learn how to draw a Bed step by step guide .Also Watch the video tutorial on how to draw a Bed.

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Step 1.Drawing The Box shape  :-

drawing bed
drawing bed

Begin by drawing a rectangular cube. First, draw a parallelogram to form the top of the mattress. Then, extend a straight line downward from each of its three nearest corners. Connect these lines using straight lines, forming the three-dimensional rectangular cube.Draw the bedposts, erasing as necessary. Draw a narrow rectangle upon each corner, extending beyond the cube on the top and on the bottom

Step 2.Drawing The Small sticks :-

drawing stands
drawing stands

. Draw parallel curved lines in a rainbow shape from one bedpost to the other on the narrow end of the bed. This forms the headboard. Draw a circle on the top of each bedpost. These are the knobs or pommels. Draw a straight line down the middle of each bedpost, giving them a three-dimensional appearance.

Step 3.Drawing The pillows  :-

drawing pillows
drawing pillows

. Draw the blanket on the bed, erasing as necessary. Use overlapping curved lines to draw the lumpy top of the blanket and the overlapping folds of the bottom of the blanket.Draw the pillows, erasing as necessary. For each pillow, enclose an oval shape. Draw “U” shaped lines at each of the corners, then draw a curved line to indicate the seam. Decorate the footboard of the bed by drawing a rectangle within it, parallel to the exterior.Add the texture of cloth to the blanket, sheet, and pillows using curved lines.

Interesting facts about Bed :-

Beds may have a headboard for resting against, and may have side rails and footboards (or “footers”). “Headboard only” beds may incorporate a “dust ruffle”, “bed skirt”, or “valance sheet” to hide the bed frame. To support the head, a pillow made of a soft, padded material is usually placed on the top of the mattressTemporary beds include the inflatable air mattress and the folding camp cot. Some beds contain neither a padded mattress nor a bed frame, such as the hammock. Other beds are made specifically for animals.


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